The Art Of Designing A Dessert Table: Halloween Edition

By Nandi Outerbridge of The Bridal Suite Bermuda

So you’ve just purchased your gorgeous party supplies, but you’re missing one thing… the person who actually puts the tables together!

Sometimes we just don’t want to spend the extra money on a decorator, so as a professional in the industry, I am here to give you 4 tips on how to style your dessert table.

We recommend 4 elements for creating your dessert table:

• Color pallets

• Symetrics (centre point is the focal point, with identical décor on each side)

• Backdrops

• Décor

Choosing the right color pallet is very important. Using base colors with a “pop” color can make all the difference and help your table standout. For our Halloween table I decided to go with the typical Halloween colors while using white as the ‘pop’ color (peep the white pumpkins).

If you’re not sure which color pallet to use, visit google or Pinterest and search your main color + pallet to view a variety of options.

Symetrics, explained above, is the style I prefer the most. Although we do create asymmetrical design (nothing matches but everything flows and works together). With our Halloween table we decided to go with a symmetrical design bringing most of the focus to the center of the table which is the cake.

If you do not have a cake and are using the symmetrical style, make sure you have a really catchy centerpiece. When styling your table, start in the middle and work your way out. This will make it easier to balance everything around it. Having a balanced table that keeps the eye moving is key.

Always remember to use heights. Please, oh please do not leave everything flat on the table. Some options for propping décor up are crates, layered serving dishes and mini bookshelves. If you can’t find anything call me! I will rent them to you.

Backdrops are always my favorite addition to a well decorated table. Whether you have a linen backdrop, pallet backdrop, balloon garland or a photo backdrop, it always adds that something extra.

Last but not least: The décor

Having a theme whether its color or interest based will help guide your décor. If you’ve setup your table and it still looks a bit sparse, do not panic! Get creative and grab some flowers out of the garden, or use jars filled with ornaments. You’re sure to find décor around your house to help fill the space.

For more tips and tricks or to book our services, contact us today! Thanks for having us as a guest blogger La Petite Soiree!