Beauty, elegance & tranquility are only a few of the words that describe the islands of Bermuda. Situated roughly two hours from New York City and seven hours from London, England, Bermuda makes for a desirable location for many travellers from across the globe. The island has been known throughout the world for its luxurious pink sand beaches and pristine blue waters that play host to a wide array of colourful marine life and dozens of shipwrecks. Bermuda boasts an upscale shopping district, elegant restaurants and a safe & lively nightlife within the seaside capital of The City of Hamilton.

In June of 2017, Bermuda played host to the pinnacle of international sailing - the 35th America's Cup hosted by Louis Vuitton.


In 1503, a Spanish explorer by the name of Juan de Bermudez discovered the islands and gave them his name. Before any efforts of permanent settlement were made, Bermuda was used as a replenishing location for fresh water and meats by the Portuguese and Spanish ships. The first English inhabitants of Bermuda came, when Admiral Sir George Somers and his crew, who were en route to Jamestown, became shipwrecked in a storm off of Bermuda's shores. After surviving the wreck, some of the crew carried on their initial trip to Jamestown, but the British never left Bermuda. In 1612, The Town of St.Georges was settled and became Bermuda's first Capital. To this day, it remains as the oldest inhabited English town in the Americas.